IM BAAAACK.....again

hey guys im back again with another airing update haha. i got this from FairyChica78 from the Television Without Pity forums.

"Just an FYI (and in case anyone cares): After this Sunday's new episode, "Seven Celebrities of Death (Part One)", there will NOT be a new episode until March 27th with "Seven Celebrities of Death (Part Two)." After that, "Dirty Laundry" and the finale, "Get Out!!" will air in the two weeks that follow.

This is due to VH1's "Lift Ticket to Ride" marathon weekend on March 11-13 and then the 2005 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame special airing on March 20."

screw you, Vh1!

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most of you probably already know this but theres no new episode tonight because of the oscars. the next new ep is "seven celebrities to death pt.1" and will air march 6th.
love one

I say

even if she doesn't fit some one's narrow view of what an attractive body is.
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when you say some one that someone isn't me. Are you saying that if people(I) find
bridgette and her bum disgusting that they are narrow minded. That they can't respect
a older woman upholding "courage" by bravely showing her body despite how it looks.
Simply put that is and still is nasty. I'm not picking on bridgett cause I say the same thing when paris hilton does something like that. Question though? If you met a lady bum and she had a disfigured misshapen body that she displays would you walk up to her and say "hi there I think it's great that you are giving hollywood the finger. some people don't care about their looks and you must be one of them."