Carrie (cwatergirl2003) wrote in thesurreallife,

The Surreal Life 6 Announced

SHERMAN HELMSLEY. Yes, George Jefferson's "movin' on up" to the Surreal Life mansion with a booming voice and heart of gold.

STEVE HARWELL: Smashmouth's lead singer becomes our tattooed rock-star ring master.

C. C. DEVILLE: Poison's axeman is hoping his time in the Surreal Life keeps him out of trouble.

TAWNY KITAEN: Are the men of the house safe from Whitesnake's former video vixen?

ALEXIS ARQUETTE: She's fabulous, stunning, and Patricia, Rosanna and David Arquette's brother.

ANDREA LOWELL: When Playboy TV's cover girl's not getting naked, the former pre-med will be outsmarting the whole cast

Guest Star FLORENCE HENDERSON: The ultimate TV mom will serve the cast as our first ever in-house therapist/advisor.

MYSTERY HUNK: The cast will choose the final roommate from a pool of reality show hunks. Mr. Survivor? Mr. Apprentice? Mr. Big...

My Opinion? I`m only looking forward to the mystery hunk because everyone else I could care less about.
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