Carrie (cwatergirl2003) wrote in thesurreallife,

Omarossa, however you spell her name, was completly in the wrong for trashing Janice`s parenting. She can comment on her being a crack whore all she wants because it`s common knowledge that at some point Janice was one but she`s never lived with her family. She has never spent time with her kids. She has no right to comment over and over again on something she knows nothing about. Omarossa is an arrogant, self-righteous, bitch and she needs to shut up about Janice`s kids. With that being said Janice needs to stop using her incest story to get attention and why was Bronson crying again? He must be the most sensative guy on the planet and why was he staring at Caprice when she was sleeping and wringing his hands. Ew! He`s such a perve. This is the most messed up house ever.
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