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the surreal life 5

ok so i watched the first two episodes of this show. i am still up in the air about what i think about it.
anyone have any comments?
i know that janice seems to be a total bitch." i'm the first super model." blah!
caprice needs a dye job badly!!
bronson...hrm...he seems like a perv
jose...OMG! hunky man!
omarosa...she was awesome with the bowling team of special needs folks. she actually seems ok so far.
pepa...what can i say? she is awesome!
carey is a great guy. when everyone was down on jose because of his bad press he said he wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt first. that to me was awesome!!
yeah, so far the show has started off pretty slow which is why i haven't formed an opinion yet.
what do you all think?
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