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Statement Regarding the Surreal Life Episode 7 that aired 3-6-05

I want to comment on the Surreal Life episode 7 in which I appeared. First of all, I had no intention of even going up to the house where they were filming the show. I had not heard from Joanie since the morning she left, which was 6 or 7 days. We had been getting along very well at the time and I was very sad that she was leaving for 13 days and she promised me that she would keep in contact and we would even see each other at some point during that time. So when I had not even received a phone call, I decided to send her some flowers.

When I went to deliver the flowers to her, the directors asked me if I would like to bring them up and give them to her myself. Obviously they did not tell her I would be coming up and when I arrived, she was not too happy to see me as everyone watching could tell. I was told that I could only stay about 15 minutes by the directors, as they had to get ready to shoot a movie or something the next morning. After Joanie introduced me to everyone, she said "I'll show you around the house."

As soon as we were away from everyone else, Joanie started going off on me. At that point I figured it would be a good idea to leave. However, Joanie said no and I followed her outside to the pool. That whole part where she started going off on me was edited out of the show. They showed us walking out to the pool and then they edited out about the next 30 minutes or so of her antics and over-acting for the cameras. Everything from her saying, "How much did you get for the tape" - referring to the sex tape - to which I simply shut her down by saying something like, "You mean the one you told me you destroyed and then talked about selling on Howard Stern while I was in rehab?"

She tried to accuse me in front of the cameras of abusing her and I had to remind her that this has never happened and that she struck me in the face several times breaking my nose and destroyed my apartment, causing me to be evicted, because she found out I slept with Jenna Jameson four years prior to her and I getting together.

At that point the directors said I needed to go so they could get back on schedule. I agreed and was ready to go when Joanie started crying and saying she was sorry and she loved me. It was Joanie who refused to let me leave and wanted me to stay there with her. She knew that if she told me not to go, that I would not leave unless the police came and dragged me out in handcuffs. We were trying to calm her down and one of the directors asked me if they could go get the rest of the cast to come out . I thought it was a good idea and said yes. When they came out, they were trying to talk her into coming inside and it wasn't working. She kept telling them to leave her be and started getting even more upset. That's when I lost my temper and told everyone to "back the F*** off".

Da'Brat seemed to take that like I was saying it directly to her and disrespecting her. I immediately apologized several times, but she wasn't hearing it. At one point I said something about taking her out of there with me. She agreed and said she was going. They threatened some legal action and asked why I would want to ruin her career. I think I said something like, "This show isn't going to make or break her career" and mentioned the fact that they had already threatened to sue her before the show even started. I told them that I would produce a doctor's note saying she was mentally unstable at the time and that their contract wouldn't mean sh--. I told them that after six or seven days they had to realize this woman has some serious problems. They agreed.

Joanie then got naked and went in the hot tub. I was going to join her and was told I couldn't. If I did she would be kicked out of the house. Finally she just went inside without saying anything. I got really pissed off at that point and I wasn't going to leave until she said it was okay.

After about 20 minutes of me going off on everyone, they said Joanie was coming out and that they were going to shoot her and I saying good bye to each other. That's exactly what happened and then I appologized to the production crew and directors for losing my temper. I got in my truck and as I was driving out a police cruiser was pulling up and stopped me and asked me if I was "the boyfriend" that was causing problems. Someone from the show told the officer that it wasn't me and I left.

Before I left, I was given all the production phone numbers and the direct line to the house. The phone call I made to the house that Da"Brat answered was from about three days later. I received a call from one of the directors saying Joanie was in the house and it was a good time to call. So I called and Da'Brat answered. When I ask for Joanie, she told me Joanie was on a date with someone that treated her well and not to call any more.

I don't really blame the other cast members for thinking I must be an "abusive asshole" as Jane (the lady from the GoGo's) said. I'm sure Joanie told them the same things she has tried to tell so many others about me. I do think it's really lame for the producers of that show to not only edit the footage to make me look as bad as possible, but to actually call me and tell me to call the house so I could be told my girlfriend (at the time) was on a date. I even asked them before I left, "Please don't edit this to make me look like a bigger ass than I already made myself look."

I guess maybe I was asking for it when I wrote the letter to Midless Entertainment that was posted on my website insinuating they were bottom feeders if they didn't want to help Joanie with her problems.

If anyone from Mindless Entertainment would like to dispute anything I have stated here, I challenge you to do so. If you are honest with everyone, then there is no way you possibly can.

Sean Waltman

March 9, 2005
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