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Update on Carey Hart

I just saw on the bottom CNN that Carey Hart and Pink got married on Saturday in Costa Rica. :-) I wonder if they invited anyone from the Surreal Life, hope not Omarosa...she probably would have thought it was her wedding and that she needed to be the center of attention. lol

But congrats to Carey and Pink! :-D

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If I was the casting agent for The Surreal Life I would knock on these doors everyday...

Tiffany (popular singer from the 80`s who toured every mall imaginable)

Tonya (from the real world and kill reality)

Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell)

That`s all I can think of for now. So who would you cast?

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According to, the former WWE superstar has been tapped to appear on the next season of VH1's "The Surreal Life." The update Wednesday claims Maven is presently in California filming the show.

The official billing was that Maven would be one of the "reality show hunks" that fellow castmembers would get to choose as a seventh house guest. The cast includes Sherman Helmsely (The Jeffersons), Tawny Kitaen (Bachelor Party, Here I Go Again video), Steve Harwell (Smash Mouth), CC Deville (Poison), Andrea Lowell (Playboy) and Alexis Arquette (The Wedding Singer). The Brady Bunch's Florence Henderson will be appearing in a special guest role on the show.

There had been rumors that Maven - after his release from WWE - was looking to break into the entertainment business. This appears to be the first stage in said transition.

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The Surreal Life 6 Announced

SHERMAN HELMSLEY. Yes, George Jefferson's "movin' on up" to the Surreal Life mansion with a booming voice and heart of gold.

STEVE HARWELL: Smashmouth's lead singer becomes our tattooed rock-star ring master.

C. C. DEVILLE: Poison's axeman is hoping his time in the Surreal Life keeps him out of trouble.

TAWNY KITAEN: Are the men of the house safe from Whitesnake's former video vixen?

ALEXIS ARQUETTE: She's fabulous, stunning, and Patricia, Rosanna and David Arquette's brother.

ANDREA LOWELL: When Playboy TV's cover girl's not getting naked, the former pre-med will be outsmarting the whole cast

Guest Star FLORENCE HENDERSON: The ultimate TV mom will serve the cast as our first ever in-house therapist/advisor.

MYSTERY HUNK: The cast will choose the final roommate from a pool of reality show hunks. Mr. Survivor? Mr. Apprentice? Mr. Big...

My Opinion? I`m only looking forward to the mystery hunk because everyone else I could care less about.

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Omarossa, however you spell her name, was completly in the wrong for trashing Janice`s parenting. She can comment on her being a crack whore all she wants because it`s common knowledge that at some point Janice was one but she`s never lived with her family. She has never spent time with her kids. She has no right to comment over and over again on something she knows nothing about. Omarossa is an arrogant, self-righteous, bitch and she needs to shut up about Janice`s kids. With that being said Janice needs to stop using her incest story to get attention and why was Bronson crying again? He must be the most sensative guy on the planet and why was he staring at Caprice when she was sleeping and wringing his hands. Ew! He`s such a perve. This is the most messed up house ever.

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Who else is dissapointed with this season? I have found it boring and Janice annoying. She`s no longer my favorite. The only person I like is Corey and possibly Caprice. Anyone hear about next season?