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Hi everyone! I've been a fan of The Surreal Life since Season 2, and love it! Nothing better than celebrity drama! lol

I'm not sure what to make of this season so far.

Janice - typical bitchy supermodel I suppose, constantly contradicting herself with her words and actions, but then has her moments where she redeems herself.
Omarosa - a lot like Janice, so it's easy to see why they constantly butt heads, they're trying to out-do each other to be the biggest bitch! lol
Bronson - seems like a nice guy, a bit horny (but what guy isn't? lol)
Jose - gender issues on the mind apparently...
Pepa - she's just the coolest of group!
Caprice - the exact opposite of Janice in terms of being a supermodel. She's the light to Janice's dark lol
Carey - it's almost like he's a bit like the forgotten housemate, he doesn't have a lot of camera time although this week he did get a lot of time in front of the camera. Closest to being normal in the entire house. lol
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Yeah, Janice and Omarosa are both bitches and, granted, I haven't seen this past week's episode yet, but Janice totally lost me when she was yelling out "RETARD" and "RAINMAN" at the bowling alley. And when she said "sorry, death is a drag". She seems to be completely totally out of touch with reality.
I don't like Janice, Omarosa, or Bronson. I love Caprice and Carey.

I agree with the Janice/Omarosa deal. They're too much alike, bitchy-ness wise.
Maybe I'm just weird but I think Bronson signed on to Surreal Life in hopes he might get laid lol. I doubt that would happen tho ;).
Carey's hot